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October 31, 2010

Hospital in Mukomuko ready to care for tsunami victims

Bengkulu Province Mukomuko County Government expressed readiness to treat victims of tsunami in the Mentawai. According to Agustin M Najamudin (Governor of Bengkulu) Mukomuko District Hospital has been designated to treat victims of the tsunami Mentawai. Hospital in Mukomuko has seven specialists and thirty patient beds. Mukomuko District is the area closest to the Mentawai and have the equipment and drugs are complete.

Parties Hospital in Mukomuko also has expressed its readiness Mentawai treating tsunami victims. But there are still obstacles electric power now only 40 thousand mega watts, while the required 100 thousand mega watts, therefore needed generators.

October 31, 2010

Mentawai Islands residents will be relocated to the East Coast

Jakarta-Mentawai Islands residents will be relocated from the West coast to East coast. West Coast is more prone to tsunamis because of dealing directly with the Indian Ocean. The process of relocation is still a government study to look at various considerations. Because the relocation was not a simple matter said Djoko Suyanto (Menkopolhukam).

Relocation process is not easy, as they relate to livelihoods, although relocated in coastal areas as well, different natural conditions. The process of relocation will be discussed by the Provincial Government, Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Forestry.

He said aid distribution to the Mentawai faltered because of bad weather, all ships to deliver aid can only sail in good weather, as well as KRI has limitations in sailing. He did not want to ship capsize events happen on ships owned by PLN other assistance.

October 31, 2010

Channeled Through Better Aid Post

Sleman-Yogyakarta-Assistance to refugees better distributed through the post said Chairman National Disaster Management Agency Syamsul Maarif. This is for the distribution of aid is not misdirected.

Assistance will be inventoried in the first post, so that aid is not distributed on bogus refugees. National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) received complaints from residents, that the barracks contained bogus refugees. Bogus refugees had come to the barracks, they are not residents affected by the disaster.

Many donors prefer to channel aid directly to refugees, but there are many bogus refugees in the barracks who are not residents affected will receive assistance.

October 31, 2010

Prosecutor Investigate Corruption Fuel Subsidy

Timika-Papua-State Attorney Timika, Papua, investigating corruption fuel subsidies. The Attorney General has established a three suspects, the first head of PT TP premium agent, the two initials DU, and three initials DA. Attorney stated the suspect will continue to grow.

Kasie Pidsus Timika district prosecutor said it had examined 15 witnesses associated with the corruption of fuel subsidies. Corruption is the fuel subsidy has cost the state billions of dollars. Timika District Attorney Investigator will request assistance of Financial and Development Supervisory Agency (BPK) Jayapura for calculating state losses.

October 30, 2010

Tsunami death toll in the Mentawai 414 People

Until Saturday October 30, 2010, the death toll from the earthquake that followed the tsunami in the Mentawai Islands regency reached 414 people, and injured victims reached 270 people.

By the earthquake that followed the tsunami, 497 homes were severely damaged, 204 houses slightly damaged. In addition, many of damaged public facilities, namely: 7 bridges, damaged P2D Road along 8 km, and 2 units Resort.

The earthquake and tsunami, resulting in four elementary schools were severely damaged, 1 moderately damaged primary schools, and 1 Junior High School (SMP) were heavily damaged.

October 30, 2010

PLN-owned ship was hit by waves while Takes Genset

Mentawai-West Sumatra-Indonesia–PLN-owned ship carrying generators reversed after a large wave hit, the way to the Village Saumanganyak, at sea Mentawai West Sumatra, Saturday at 14:00 pm 30-10-2010.

The ship departs from Port Sikakap carrying generators and other equipment, and boarded by 15 people. While at sea, the ship was hit by big waves with a height of 3 meters.

Blow of the waves that drown the generator, along the 100-meter cable, and tents. Passenger ship adrift for two hours, then was rescued by the SAR team, then taken to the PHC.

The passengers including Head of PLN Saumanganyak, generator operators, and a citizen Saumanganyak.

October 30, 2010

Currently the flow of traffic jams on the road total Kali Malang

Currently the flow of traffic jams on the road total Kali Malang. This afternoon promptly at 18:00 pm Kali Malang road halt altogether, rather stems from the intersection of Market Sumberarta by more than 2 kilometers towards Jakarta and more than 3 miles towards Bekasi. Congestion is caused by either driver or motorist motorists grab point. In front of the Market Sumberarta towards Jakarta that should be used first line currently used 3 good track car or a motorcycle, so that current from Jakarta to the Bekasi unable to pass and only passable for 2 motorcycle only. Police who were at the scene could not do anything about it. Powered by Telkomsel BlackBerry®

October 30, 2010

Public Transport Terminal Kampung Mlayu

Public Transport Terminal Kampung Mlayu. Jakarta has a lot of public transportation terminals, one terminal Mlayu Village, where the terminal is really not adequate, was crossing the road under the fly over Jl Basuki Rahmat, it was very messy line of public transport vehicles do not line up neatly, is also no indication anywhere wine-transport public transportation was headed. In that terminal, the only thing that looks neglected Trans Jakarta bus stops only, others remain a mess, other than that a lot of rubbish strewn everywhere.

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